Interview: Made Yudistira

September 24th, 2008

Dissolve The Dirt

Let me introduce you one of my pal on Flickr, his name is Made Yudistira. Some people might be know his photos on Flickr, which are mostly about Bali. He has very good talent in photography that’s why I invited him to share his passion here.

Personally, these are the most photos I like from his stream:
The Rain of Fire Follow The God's Light The Life of Courage Dissolve The Dirt
For you who interest about his photos go ahead browse his Flickr and for commercial purpose reach him at made.yudistira[at]

6 questions answered:

What is you gear? (camera, lens, software)

Body : Canon 400D.
Lens: Canon 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM; Canon 17-55mm F2.8 IS
USM; 70-300mm IS USM.
Accessory: Canon 430 EX Speedlite.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2; Canon Digital Photo
Professional, ACDSee.

The most thing that you like to take photograph (why)

I like to capture beauty of the earth and culture. To show how important to keep our earth clean and save and keep our culture exist because its unique and has many ‘good knowledge’ about morale, politeness, honesty and humanity.

Your photographer idol

None – still looking for inspiration :D

The most photo that you like

Taken by yourself:
Another Side of Beauty
Only from non SLR but can rock a national competition

Taken by someone else:
too many and I can’t describe it.I like to see other people photo (from flickr, magazine, television, etc) to get inspiration from it. I can impress the beauty and learn the photography technique from it.

Short tips for people who just start learning photograph

Buy a compact camera (not a super simple – full auto, but also not a ‘pro’ grade with too many term and setting). Prosumer is a good choice to learn about ‘base’ setting of camera if you have nothing knowledge about camera – this is my experience. 2,5 years ago, I have nothing about taking a photo…really from zero. And keep take a shot because learn from practice is much much better than learn from text. A honest critics from other (especially friends) is a good way to know yourself, don’t too think about the compliment.. :D :D

Which one do you prefer: bikini, lingerie, bra+underpant or bare naked ?

I prefer bikini, because i love beach and wave…

5 Responses

September 24th, 2008
  1. indeed a very talented one!!

  2. made yudistira

    Thank you all for your attention and your ‘unseen’ contribution to me. I can be like that because of you :) Don’t be bored to come to my photostream.

  3. wih.. keren poto nya…. *takjub..*

  4. I really fans of yudistira pictures. I love to see his shoot in his flickr.. Great photos that you had..

  5. Yup.. karyanya memukau! thx for sharing

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